The Best Accounting Tips to Get Paid on Time as a Contractor

Getting frustrated chasing payments as a contractor? You’ve come to the right place!

We’ll implement strategies to ensure you get paid on time, aiding you to establish clear payment terms and master effective invoicing techniques. Total Accounting is here here to empower you with the secrets to maintaining a healthy cashflow and improving client relationships.

Don’t let late payments hinder your success – follow some of our top tips below.

Strategies for prompt payment

1. Set the tone with clear payment terms

As a contractor, setting clear payment terms is vital to securing timely payments. Begin by defining payment expectations upfront, outlining due dates and any potential late fees. This is in the best interest of both parties.

If you’re unsure how to do this, we can guide you in crafting a clear and concise payment policy that suits you and your services.

By fostering transparency and mutual understanding, you’ll create a positive foundation for financial interactions, making it more likely for clients to adhere to agreed-upon payment terms.

2. Craft effective invoices

Your invoices should do more than just request payment; they should communicate professionalism and clarity.

Clear and well-organised invoices that detail the services provided, costs incurred and payment due dates will leave no confusion. Couple this with a friendly yet professional tone, and your invoices will become a powerful tool not only for timely payments but also for enhancing your overall professional image for potential clients. Remember, the finer details take care of the bigger picture.

3. Make the most of technology

Cloud accounting tools can offer a streamlined approach to managing your finances and securing timely payments.

Automated invoicing allows you to create and send invoices quickly and efficiently, reducing the time between project completion and billing. By ensuring timely invoice delivery, you can often cut down on payment delays.

Meanwhile, you can use real-time payment tracking to monitor payment statuses in real-time, identifying outstanding invoices early so you can chase clients up.

By introducing client-friendly payment options, you allow clients to settle invoices using their preferred methods. This convenience can accelerate the payment process, decreasing the likelihood of late payments.

4. Build lasting client relationships

Expanding on the last tip, behind every payment is a relationship. At Total Accounting, we believe in nurturing these connections for lasting success.

Initiate regular check-ins to understand your client’s evolving needs and provide updates on project progress. Doing so should create an environment of open communication where you can address any concerns promptly. 

Valuing collaboration with your clientele will allow you to build a trustworthy relationship, which could help speed up transactions. A positive rapport and image will help showcase your services elsewhere for more potential work.


We get it, no one wants to be hanging around for payment after working hard for a client. At Total Accounting, we hope these tips help you financially and give you peace of mind for future interactions.

We believe that, by following our top tips, this blog should help you to get paid by contractors quickly and continue to find future work opportunities. Remember, from setting clear payment terms to crafting effective invoices and building strong client relationships, these steps should offer you the keys to financial stability and empower your business to overcome the challenges of late payments.

If you need help with tackling late payments or you’re looking for dedicated accountants for contractors then get in touch with Total Accountants today.

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