Caring for those who care: Financial services for the healthcare sector

In the heart of healthcare lies a commitment to care and heal. At Total Accounting, we extend this ethos to the financial services we provide to healthcare professionals and businesses. With the unique pressures and responsibilities you face, managing finances shouldn’t be an added burden. Our suite of accounting services is designed to support the healthcare sector, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – patient care.

Why Total Accounting for healthcare?

  • Specialised knowledge: We understand the intricacies of healthcare finance, from NHS funding streams to private practice billing and everything in between.
  • Comprehensive support: From payroll services for your staff to meticulous bookkeeping and strategic financial planning, we offer a holistic approach to your financial needs.
  • Regulatory compliance: Stay compliant with ever-changing healthcare regulations and financial reporting requirements, ensuring your practice operates smoothly within the legal framework.
  • Tax efficiency: Navigate the complexities of tax obligations with our expert advice, maximising your tax efficiency and ensuring you’re not overpaying.
  • Personalised service: Total Accounting believes in a hands-on approach. We take the time to understand your unique challenges and goals, crafting personalised solutions that work for you.

Our healthcare financial services include:

  • Bookkeeping & financial reporting: Keep your finances in impeccable order with our comprehensive bookkeeping services, ensuring accurate financial reporting and insights.
  • Payroll management: Ensure your dedicated team is paid accurately and on time, including handling pension contributions, benefits, and HMRC compliance.
  • Tax returns & planning: Navigate tax season with ease. Our tax return services are designed to remove the stress and optimise your tax position.
  • Business support & advisory: Benefit from strategic advice tailored to the healthcare sector, from practice growth strategies to financial health checks and operational efficiency improvements.
  • Outsourced finance team: Gain the advantage of having a full finance team’s expertise without the overhead, tailored to fit the unique needs of the healthcare sector.

Partnering for a healthier tomorrow

At Total Accounting, led by Ann and her passionate team, we’re more than just accountants; we’re partners in your mission to provide exceptional care. We share your values of honesty, integrity, and decency, applying them to every aspect of our service. With Total Accounting, you can rediscover the joy in your practice, confident in the knowledge that your financial health is in expert hands.

Ready to focus on care, not numbers?

Let’s talk about how Total Accounting can support your healthcare business. Together, we can ensure your financial practices are as healthy as the patients you care for.

Join us on a journey to financial wellness, and let’s create a healthier future for your practice, your patients, and you.

Total Accounting is here to support the heroes of healthcare with financial services that care as much as you do.

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