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At Total Accounting, we’re not just experts in numbers; we’re specialists in understanding the unique challenges and opportunities within your sector. With a warm, bespoke approach, we offer tailored accounting and financial services designed to empower businesses across various industries. Discover how we can help you fall back in love with your business, regardless of the field you operate in.

Construction & Property Developers

In construction and property development, managing finances can be as complex as the projects you undertake. From project accounting to CIS compliance and financial forecasting, our team offers the support you need to lay solid financial foundations for your projects. Let us handle the financial heavy lifting, so you can focus on building and developing with confidence.


The healthcare sector faces unique financial challenges, from regulatory compliance to cash flow management in a patient-first approach. We provide expertise necessary to navigate these complexities, offering services like payroll for medical staff, bookkeeping for healthcare practices, and strategic financial planning for growth and stability in this vital industry.

Legal & Professional Services

For legal and professional services firms, where trust and integrity are paramount, financial management plays a crucial role in reputation and efficiency. Our team understands the  your industry, providing discreet, reliable accounting services, from trust accounting to financial reporting, that uphold your firm’s standards of excellence and confidentiality.

Digital Marketing Agencies

Digital marketers require an agile approach to financial planning and management. With our finger on the pulse of digital trends, Total Accounting offers services tailored to your agency’s needs, including innovative revenue recognition, expense tracking for campaigns, and financial strategies that support your creative ventures. 

Why Total Accounting?

Ann and her team bring warmth and excitement to the future of your business. With our hands-on approach, we build strong, lasting relationships, ensuring we understand the heart of your business and its industry-specific needs. Whether you’re building the future, caring for patients, upholding justice, or setting digital trends, we’re here to support your journey with financial services that resonate with your industry’s unique rhythm.

Ready to elevate your business?

Each sector comes with its challenges, but with Total Accounting by your side, you’re equipped to meet them head-on. Let’s discuss how our specialised services can be tailored to your industry, helping you focus on what you do best.

Partner with us and reignite your passion for your business, with the peace of mind that comes from expert, sector-specific financial management. Total Accounting is more than just an accounting firm; we’re your industry-savvy partner ready to help you thrive in your specific landscape.

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