A totally nice bunch of people

We could talk business all day long. We’re bookkeepers, so it goes
without saying, we’re a bit nutty about the numbers. 

But believe it or not, we’re not in the numbers business. We’re in the people business. 

Behind every process is people, and we believe that they’re the key to everything.

We really like our clients - and they like us too!
They trust that we really care.

That trust is vital to us because it allows us to help them achieve beyond their expectations.

When we work with you, we don’t see you as just another set of accounts. We’re not interested in knowing you by your turnover.

We get to know you. The real human you. The one with kids at school, with two sugars and a dash of milk, with hobbies and family and problems to solve.

We want to know what drives you to do what you do.

Why don't we start?

The Total Team

Ann Spickett

Director & Accountant

Along with making sure it’s business as usual at Total Accounting, Ann is the go-to for all things technical, and proudly professes her love for a good system. Knowing it’s brave to ask for help, she is motivated and inspired by her client's willingness to learn and trust wholeheartedly in the TA team.

Totally loves: Helping others grow and improve. Haribo, preferably starmix. Cups of tea (strong, no sugar) and long outdoor runs with good company. 

Totally learning: Just how much she’s capable of, and how a positive attitude can change everything.

Matt Rust

Accounts Assistant

Matt is known for being a good listener, and people often come to him for advice. In his personal life, he’s the go-to for fixing things, and so it’s not surprising that his professional expertise is in business strategy. His love for the job is rooted in a passion for going above and beyond to meet client expectations. The handy-man mindset through and through!

Totally loves: Friends, fitness and finessing his game, from his golf handicap to his snooker break, to his dedication to clients. 

Totally learning: Next steps in the Accounting profession: Accounting/AAT, bookkeeping and accounting procedures. Proficient in German, he’s on the lookout for the next language to adopt.

Amy Spickett


Because of her mastery of all things tech, Amy is the resident software guinea pig at Total Accounting HQ. She’s a born problem solver and finds her greatest sense of achievement in finding a fix for her clients, whether it be a time-saving software or a tweak to a transaction.

Totally loves: The satisfaction of getting things right first time (even if it’s not always possible, because she’s still human) and the even sweeter satisfaction of a hot chocolate on a cosy autumn evening. 

Totally learning:  As much as she possibly can! 'Cause life is far too short not to.

Andy Gray

Payroll & Admin Support

Andy is Team Total’s spreadsheet guru and the first point of call for all things admin. Systems driven, he’s never happier than when he’s asked to help improve a process. His history of working with quality assurance systems and audit compliance makes Andy a valuable asset to the team.

Totally loves: A challenge, his little dog Tom and generally all things sporty.

Totally learning: How to overcome obstacles and achieve the impossible.

The word on the street

Total Accounting are more than just bookkeepers. they have spent time to fully understand my security business and my operating environment and supported its development from the very outset. She possesses a high degree of professional accounting skill and knowledge which she applies to solve problems unique to my business sector. She has always been available to provide clear advice. Working with Ann has enabled me to reach up for large public sector tender projects with large payroll burdens and improve how my organisation is presented to clients. I unhesitatingly recommend her.

~ Bob Sait MBA RISC, Greyflood Advisers Ltd

I have no hesitation in recommending Ann and Total Accounting. Having now worked with Ann for a couple of years, I have come to learn much about the way the team work, their comprehensive processes and how Ann effectively runs her business. Her clients are always the priority and she has a keen eye on the finer detail at every touch point. Ann truly cares about her clients and her growing team, which is a personal characteristic that shines through her business.

~ Mike Foster, The Entrepreneurs Mentor

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