The Bounce - #2.6

Recently, 26th April 2020, our very own Ann and Andy decided they would travel back in time to their childhood and bounce around town, literally.

They decided it would be a good idea to use Space Hoppers as they “tried” to bounce for the #twopointsixchallenge. They started route from the Rochester Wisdom Hospice Shop to the Wisdom Hospice and then back. It also just so happened that coincidentally that route was 2.6 miles (google map it if you don’t believe us).

What is the 2.6 challenge?

The 2.6 Challenge was created to help save the UK’s charities during this testing time. Many charities are struggling to get through this pandemic and the challenges aim is to help and support them. The activity you decide to take part in could be anything from having a 26-question quiz night to doing a 2.6 mile run, or bounce.

Many charities need support now more than ever, through fundraisers, like Ann and Andy’s or you can jump on to the website and donate. Long story short; it is an amazing type of fundraiser for many different charities with hundreds of people wanting to help as much as they can.

Why The Friends of Wisdom Hospice?

This year virtually all the fundraising events in the calendar were cancelled or have been pushed back tot the end of the year and even next year.

Andy is a trustee for the charity, so it was a no brainer really. This whole time where so much has been put on hold the Wisdom Hospice has still been open and its front-line staff are working around the clock for their patients. Luckily, they are still getting great news though, recently 2 patients were able to return home after contracting and then fighting off Covid-19.

The Challenge

Ann was supposed to be taking part in the London Marathon but of course Covid-19 had other ideas and the marathon has been postponed until October. Of course this didn’t stop Ann, or Andy, they both are always wanting to better themselves and support others.

If you didn’t know, Ann has been training with Andy for just over a year now and together they have completed many different runs and charity fundraisers, not sure if this was the first that Ann decided to get her purple tutu out of the closet but I worked. They both completed the challenge in complete style and managed to raise £268 for The Friends of Wisdom Hospice, such an achievement and we are all incredibly proud of them and their passion to help those in need, even if it means walking funny for a few days.


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