Well hasn’t 2020 been a busy year already?

This year has started off in a bit of a whirlwind. As well as staring work with some great new clients, we have managed to move office, gained two new members of the team and our new website has gone live! We are planning some online training, we’ve brought in someone to further support our clients and guess what? We wouldn’t have it any other way! Ann is still training and still running too, but we will get into that.

Firstly, we have MOVED! We were able to move offices at the beginning of March before the world went crazy, into a space that allows room for training and meetings. We now have a separate area to give our clients some privacy. Our resident plant seems very happy too. We haven’t moved far; we are still based at the Innovation Centre Medway but just a little further down the corridor.

Keep an eye out as we hope to be hosting some training and events for you all soon.

The extra space also meant it’s a little less crowded now we have two new team members! We are delighted to introduce Shannon who is our Digital Marketing resource and will also be providing admin support. Shannon joins us in our love of all thing’s stationery and is already proving to be an excellent fit. Shannon has a creative flare, likes to make work look “pretty” and loves organisation and planning. One of her first tasks has been to get our new website online which she will be managing going forward. 

Let us now introduce Andy who we have brought in to provide extra support to the team. Andy has a background in Management, loves a good spreadsheet and is very process driven. He can be contacted on support@totalaccountingkent.co.uk for all things Covid-19 related and will respond to your queries as quickly as he can. Some of you may have already spoken to him or received emails from him directly. A little reminder that whilst we have a lot of the high-level information from the government, we are still awaiting some of the real detail. If Andy cannot find the answer straight away, he will let you know and then come back to you once he has.

We have also brought in Mike Foster, who has supported us as our mentor for the last few years, to further support our clients. Mike is working with selected clients to offer enhanced reports and cash flow projections – which are now more important than ever!

We hope you can help us make them feel comfortable and welcome. It’s great to have them all on board.

After a long process with lots of back and forth we have finally made our new website live! It’s all very exciting. We are now going to be able to manage our site in house so we will have content going live regularly, be sure to head over there and check it out. Massive thanks to our friends at The Profitable Firm for all their support and patience.

www.totalaccountingkent.co.uk - Please let us know what you think.

We will also be launching our new Facebook group very soon, which will be open to all clients for news, support and the latest updates on the dreaded Covid-19. (It really is starting to feel like a swear word.)

As we mentioned earlier, we’re planning on launching some online training very soon, so you can get up to date with Xero whilst you’re at home wondering what to do next. We will also have some Xero info available on our website to help you really get to grips with this fab software.

Finally, now on to all of Ann’s training and running. Most of Ann’s events, which she was planning for charity have been cancelled or postponed to later in the year – including the Brighton Marathon which was due to take place in April for the Kent, Surrey, Sussex Air Ambulance. Not all is lost though as Ann is still training and continues to run. Planning is underway to complete as many events as possible later this year. So far Ann has completed Deerstalker along with Andy – who as well as supporting us is also Ann’s personal trainer. They both agree it was a gruelling night race up in the Scottish borders, but they did it and were happy they managed to get one event completed before the Coronavirus restriction came into force.

We know there is a lot of craziness going on right now and we all hope you are staying safe and taking the correct precautions.  2020 has certainly been strange so far but try to enjoy this extra time with your loved ones and complete those tasks that keep getting pushed aside. Now is the perfect time to get things ready for a fresh start when we finally get to return to ‘normal’ life. Whatever that ‘normal’ is.


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