Support for business owners who are totally done with late payments

It is a wonderful thing when customers pay on time. 

Sometimes we can let ourselves forget - that’s the way it’s supposed to be.  

The reason we celebrate a timely payment as an extraordinary feat of success, is because unfortunately we’ve all experienced the hardship of the alternative.

Asking for money is hard

As a small business it’s all too easy to let your 30 day payment terms stretch into 40, 50, or beyond 60 days. 

You like your customers, and don’t want to upset them. It can feel embarrassing chasing them for unpaid invoices.

But the bottom line is, you deserve to get paid for the work you’ve done, and your cash flow depends on it.

We know you’re busy, and chasing debts is your least favourite task

  • We agree on a day for chasing - and we’ll make sure you have a list of your late payments beforehand.
  • We agree on who to chase - by you informing us who you’d like to prioritise on the list. 
  • We’ll chase them as per your credits - and keep you informed on how many credits you’ve used.

Let us take the pain away completely

FAQs on how it works

How does it work?

We use a credit system, so you can purchase credits based on how many customers you’ll need to chase and how often.

How much is a credit?

Credits are £7.50 each, and we start at a minimum of 10 credits a month.

Why credits?

We’ve found our system of credits puts you in greater control of your chases, and helps us achieve a cost for the service that matches your individual needs.

What does a credit get me?

One credit = one chase. A ‘chase’ is a phone call and email follow up. If we don’t get an answer by phone, we will try again until we do, so that no credit is wasted.

Don't just take our word for it

"Late payments were causing me stress, anxiety and keeping me awake at night. I was initially nervous about how clients would react, but Total’s professional demeanor has allowed them to chase payments without upsetting anyone. If late invoices are keeping you up at night, I would certainly enlist Total Kent’s credit control services. It’ll make a world of a difference."

Kathryn E. Strachan
Copy House

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You Deserve To Get Paid

No matter when you sign up, you can always make changes in your business to enable faster payments. Download this guide for your fast payment framework. 


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