How a bookkeeper can improve your sleep

Every client is different, with different needs, so it really does depend on the level of service you require.

We like to meet our clients, usually over tea and cake and one of the first questions we ask is 'what keeps you awake at night?' These are usually the bits people want to solve first, so they can concentrate on the part of the business they enjoy and are good at. People don't go into engineering, building, interior design or photography for the spreadsheets and profit and loss accounts – that's just the headache stuff that comes with it.

We consider ourselves painkillers – taking that headache away and making sure all of your monies in and out are accounted for and add up. Once we know your 'pain points', to use some business buzz words, we then find out what motivates you within your business, so we know what we need to do to support you in that.

Just like all things in life, we all do things differently, so the next bit about how you get your paperwork to us is the bespoke bit and it's a sliding scale of how tech-savvy you are and want to be:

  • Tech-savvy
    We'll set you up with an Auto-Entry account - a fab bit of software which helps us process your paperwork and show you how to scan or photograph your receipts and invoices directly to Auto-Entry for us to process.
  • Paper shufflers
    If you don't like the sound of all that scanning, it's no problem. We will regularly send you our special strong envelopes, which you fill with your paperwork and then send to us in the post. We do the rest.
  • Handovers
    This is the traditional way. You can drop your paperwork off to us. Whether it be in a box file, one of our special envelopes or a carrier bag, we don't mind. We've even had it delivered by the pallet load, so we're really quite flexible! Both our London and Kent offices are conveniently located and easy to find. Our Kent office also has plenty of parking, so dropping off your paperwork couldn't be easier.
  • Collection
    If none of the above sound suitable, we can arrange to visit your premises to collect the paperwork from you.


Once we have all your paperwork we then set about processing this in Auto-Entry and can push this through to your cloud accounting software, such as Xero – one of our favourites. But don't worry if you haven't got any software - we can go through all your options with you to work out what would suit you best, get this all set up for you and train you and your team on how to get the most out of it. It won't be scary and it won't be hard – it just may be different to what you were doing before but it will save you time and be efficient for you and your business.

We then reconcile your business bank accounts, match up all the transactions with the receipts, prepare your VAT returns (if you are VAT registered), then create all the reports we have agreed will be most meaningful and helpful to you. These reports will usually include an Income & Expenditure statement, Aged Payables report and an Aged Receivables Report. These will tell you how much you've made, how much you've spent, how much you owe and how much you are owed.


It's up to you. We can look after your bookkeeping daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly.

We also offer many other services to help run your business smoothly and efficiently.

  • Pay your suppliers for you
  • Payroll
  • Prepare employee payslips
  • Maintain employee records
  • Prepare month-end reports
  • Prepare P45s for any leavers
  • Submit your CIS Returns
  • Support you with Pension Auto-Enrolment
  • Prepare & submit your year-end; including employees' P60 & P11Ds
  • Personal tax planning

We stay in touch with you and encourage regular contact through meetings, telephone calls, and skype calls.

It's not a one size fits all solution. What we offer is tailored around you, your business, and your business needs.

Talk to us to find out how we can take the headache out of your bookkeeping.


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