See where your money goes and make important decisions for your business.

Having access to meaningful, live data really is crucial in today's businesses. 

When you have access to your numbers it’s empowering. You have all the information you need to make decisions for your business, your team, your future.

Without knowing these key numbers and seeing them regularly, you’re not able to see how much money you’re making, or losing. And this can be both damaging to your business, and anxiety-inducing as a business owner.

To get a better picture of why it’s so important, read Tom’s story

We moved Tom from Sage to Xero and gave him access to his numbers for the first time. 

It shocked us that Tom had only ever seen a profit and loss when his year end was produced, rendering it too late to make proactive decisions about his business.

Ann this is amazing! I can see the numbers! I can see where we're spending money!!! I'd been asking the old accountant for a P&L report for years, but he never sent one. This is the first time I've seen this!

Xero does the bookkeeping work you don’t have time for

Thanks to Xero all the manual work that goes into getting those key numbers. The days of paper invoicing and spreadsheets are almost history. 

Thank goodness! Because you’re not an Accountant. Now, you can prioritise your time on the areas of the business that need your expertise, instead of spending all your time on accounting.

1. Get acquainted with our free basics videos

Learn about the features you'll use regularly in Xero. Use these free introduction videos to see how Xero makes managing small business finances easier than ever.

2. Nail the foundations with DIY Xero

DIY Xero is a training course that covers the six key areas most important to managing your own bookkeeping. For clients who are doing the bookkeeping themselves or handling it in-house, these are the six areas we see common issues occurring.

If it all feels new and scary, or like unfamiliar territory, this is for you. Feel 100% confident you’re getting it right.

Start today: £125

3. Train your team with an Upskill Xero Workshop

You’ve got the foundations down, but you know you’re not making the most of Xero and it’s integrated apps. If you want your business to run more efficiently, get paid more easily, faster and improve your cash flow, this workshop is for you.

You might even be having some specific problems within your business you need expert help to figure out. We’ll run an in-person or virtual workshop with you, to focus on your business. The team might just be you! Or you might want to upskill a whole department.

Book a workshop

4. Let us do the work for you: Total Takeover

You may know everything you want to know about Xero, but just need someone to take the bookkeeping completely off your hands. We can be your full outsourced finance department, working in your business like a part of your team. Don’t worry, we’ll take over at your pace.

Learn about Total Support

​Get better at Xero, get better at business​

And get your weekends back


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