Your plate is always full

When you’re running a construction business, things can quickly feel out of control. You’re managing all the things: people, deadlines, red tape. You’re really good at what you do, but you’d like more time to actually do it.

You’re dashing from site to site and don’t have the capacity to deal with all the paperwork

Your workers aren’t invoicing you properly - English may not be their first language

Site managers aren’t in sync and order stuff you don't need

You know in your head how much money you’re making, but you don’t know what it looks like in real terms

You need to put proper processes in place but you don’t have time

Make it easy for your workers to invoice you

"How can I get my workers to invoice me?” is one of the most common questions we get asked by our clients struggling with the people management. We get it. Your people are asking when they’re going to get paid, and all you need is their invoices to be accurate and sent in on time. 

The problem is, the paperwork can feel challenging, particularly when English is a second language for many of your workers. We’ve written a couple of helpful guides for subcontractors, to help them understand their part in taxes, invoicing CIS, and gross payment status. And we've translated it into as many languages as we’ve been asked by clients to provide, helping you to help your staff. 

We can take as much (or as little) of these stresses off your plate

Most of our construction clients come to us because they want support with CIS, and then find we can take a lot of the stuff they don’t like out of their hands completely (what a dream!). 

In order for CIS to be accurate and easy, you need good bookkeeping. But beyond the books, we can support you with VAT, paying your subbies, getting invoices paid faster - the works. 

You absolutely can do all of this yourself, but we know you’re stretched for time. We can take it at whatever pace you need - just a helping hand with the paperwork, or full financial support.

Let us help you improve your business

More support, less stress

Sound good?

Simply tell us what needs taking off your plate

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